With all of your positive affirmations, positive thinking and visualizations you still may feel stuck. Go beyond the laws of attraction and manifestation to identify major obstacles to create your ideal Soul guided life. It is not enough to raise your vibrations without addressing the unconscious mind that holds limiting beliefs, repeating patterns and cellular memories from this life and past incarnations. Enter the timeless realm of the soul and anchor your ideal vision on a cellular level.

This groundbreaking book teaches you how to create a life of passion and purpose by following your soul's wisdom. Using  breakthrough methods such as Energy Psychology (acupuncture for the emotions without the needles), guided journeys, forgiveness practices, and past life and life-between-lives regression, you'll discover practical, step-by-step techniques that make it possible to heal the unconscious beliefs that can block the awareness of your true spiritual identity and life purpose.

The soul-visioning journey connects you with your Higher Self to guide you into the ideal expression of your soul in your work, relationships, health, finances, and spirituality. Powerful and inspiring case examples with long-term follow-up interviews demonstrate the remarkable results that Wisehart's clients have reported experiencing from these life-changing techniques.


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