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We were just together a few days ago for an amazing life between lives session, and I feel compelled to write you to tell you how important this session is to me … particularly as I make my way along the spiritual path.
As you know, you have been guided me through several past lives, and all were enjoyable, interesting, therapeutic and significant to this current life.  You also know that this recent between lives session was our third together.  One might ask … why would anyone want to go through three times?  Well, let me explain why I did:
Each time through was incredible in its own way.  The last past lives were all the same (thank God), but the perspectives were greater each time through.  I was able to see more clearly the connecting links between that life and the one that I am now living.
But the between lives sessions were even greater in their added value. The first blew me away through both in its scenic magnificence and the unforgettable loving feeling from being with and part of Divinity.  The feeling of worthiness was firmly planted in my understanding.  The second time through produced even stronger messages/experiences with Divinity.  I felt closer to God than ever before.  But this third time through was by far the most intense …  in its visions/feelings and in my connection to Divinity. No room was left for questions, doubt or hesitancy whatsoever. God spoke and I heard!
Clearly, the intensity of the message increased meaningfully each time.  Am pretty sure that what I felt and what you saw were highly  correlated. And the care that you showed each time was readily apparent to me … thank you.  
Namaste,  Tom

The past life/between life regression therapy with Susan has helped me to realize the essence of my work and to perceive myself in a new and guided existence.  It has also allowed a “knowing” of  information that I possess to activate a greater understanding of myself, my role and responsibility.   The regression enlightened me about my purpose here which is to learn, teach and help.  My special thanks to Susan for her amazing assistance in this journey to knowledge and understanding.  

                                 Dr. J.H., MD, Wisconsin

"My Life Between Lives experience with Susan Wisehart reminded me that judgment exists only on the earthly plane.  This reminder allowed me to put aside the fear associated with judgment.  I have been able to fully embrace my life's purpose.  My psychic ability has returned.  I love and feel more deeply." 

                                 Dr. MM, Clinical Psychologist, Illinois

What an amazing gift you bring to this world. The only word I have for now is "WOW!" All the other feelings do not have words in our language.

Your patience, love and guidance are truly gifts that you have been given. I'm so amazed and joyful when I experience people who have truly found their calling and use their gifts to help others! You are so blessed! Thanks for sharing and shining your light with me.

   Toril  - Mom and Artist,  Michigan

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