What type of hypnosis is used for the regression sessions?

There are many misconceptions about hypnosis.  This is not stage hypnotism where you are unconscious, under the control of someone else and don’t remember the experience.  The hypnosis used in this process is a deeply relaxed state of focused concentration.  You are conscious and aware that you are in the room.  It is like a dual awareness where part of your mind knows that you are having a conversation but another part of your mind tunes out the distractions and just pays attention to the memories that are coming to the surface.  This is not as mysterious as people often think. We experience trance states frequently during the day.  For example, when you drive down the expressway and miss your exit.  That is a light trance.  When you go to the movies and forget that you are in the theatre because you are so focused on the screen, that is a trance.

Will I be able to be hypnotized?

The majority of people will be able to recall memories in the first session.  However, there are a percentage of people that will require more practice.  For example, some people have difficulty relaxing and letting go the critical skeptical mind which blocks the right brain imaginative part of the mind.  Letting go of preconceptions and expectations will allow you to have a genuine experience.

Most people think that they are making up the experience at first.  However, if you can just allow the process to unfold, imagination becomes the doorway to the deep unconscious mind where the memories of past lives and between lives are stored. Before you know it you are in the experience.

The unconscious mind takes you to whatever experience will be helpful, that has relevance to your current life and what you are ready to look at.

Some people benefit from practice before the session by listening to relaxation or meditation CD’s.  You can purchase a practice past life regression CD from my website if you prefer, although this is not absolutely necessary prior to the session. 

Will I remember the experience?

Yes, you will remember the highlights of the experience.  There is a recording of the session provided if you want to review the information.

Do I have to believe in past lives?

No.  You can look at the memories as metaphor coming from your unconscious in a story form to give you relevant information that helps you to understand yourself better.  The unconscious doesn’t know the difference between metaphor and reality, so the regression can be effective regardless of your belief.  You can still work with the themes, patterns and symbols much like you can work with dreams. 

Will I have to experience the pain of a difficult past life?

Although the past life may be emotional, you don’t have to relive all of the intensity of the original experience.  There are ways of helping you to detach from a difficult life memory which will be explained to you prior to the session. 

What happens in a Past Life Regression session?
Note that you can get further information about this topic in my book Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future

I help you formulate a question(s) that you want to get answered by the past life information.  For example, some people want to know the origin of certain repeating patterns, emotions or issues that they have in their lives for which they have no explanation.  Perhaps you feel held back or stuck in certain area of your life and have tried many ways of resolving it without success.  Some people want to step into their life purpose but feel held back and sabotage themselves. Other people want to find out about their significant relationships and what lessons they have carried over with them into this current lifetime.  I can give your unconscious mind a suggestion to go back to the origin or root cause of your block so that it might be cleared. 

You can also get in touch with gifts and talents to awaken those potentials again to be used in your life now.   If you don’t have a specific question for the past life regression, you can leave it open-ended and let your soul guide you to whatever life would be helpful for you to experience.  There is never an accident about which life surfaces.  You are led to whatever is relevant to your current life and what you are ready to remember. 

At the beginning of the two hour session, I review your background and explore with you what you want to find out or experience from the past life.  I briefly explain the process and what to expect.  Then with hypnosis I guide you into a deeply relaxed state using guided imagery and progressive relaxation.  When you are in that relaxed state I give your unconscious mind a suggestion to go to the origin or root of whatever your issues or question is or we leave it open-ended and allow your unconscious to take you to the relevant life.   When the memories and impressions come to the surface, I gently ask you questions about the significant events, themes and people of that past lifetime.  I transition you through the death scene (without the intensity of the original experience) into the spirit realm where you connect with your higher soul guidance.  From that compassionate, nonjudgmental  and wise perspective we review the significance of the past life.  For example, what did you learn or not learn in that past life; did you know anyone in that past life; what is the relevance of that past life to this life; is there anything that needs to be forgiven or unburdened?  Then from that Higher Self part of you, I guide you to do any healing that is needed, such as forgiveness of self or others. 

Then I guide you back to the present moment and we discuss the insights of the session and discuss any next steps that you might take to follow up the session.  It is a profound experience and I have used this method for over 10 years in my psychotherapy private practice because it helps people to get to the root of their issues and heal it more rapidly than just talk therapy.

What happens in a Life Between Lives session?
Note that you can get further information about this topic in my book Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future

We begin by getting some of the relevant background of your life and reviewing the questions that you have for the LBL experience, the questions that you might want to ask your council of elders (wise teachers).  We review your list of important people in your life that impacted your life as these are often the people that are in your soul groups.

Then I guide you into an extended deep relaxation using some guided imagery and progressive relaxation methods.  When you are deeply relaxed state I will guide you to your most recent past life for a brief review and then continue through the death of that lifetime into the life between lives spiritual state.  The experience that you have is individual and where you are directed is dependent on what your Soul needs to learn.  However, some typical experiences include a meeting with your spirit guides, a life review with your Soul council of master teachers with an opportunity to ask questions and a reunion with your soul group to find out your group soul purpose and lessons.  It is an amazing experience and words can not adequately describe the profound peace and wellbeing of remembering your true spiritual identity.  It is like a spiritual “wake up call” that inspires and reminds you of your true purpose for being.

What should I do following the session?

Most people feel a deep sense of peace and well being afterwards.  Many people want time to process and integrate the experience of the regression session.  I recommend that you take time to ground yourself after the session by taking a short walk outside and drink a lot of water.  It is best not to plan any other activities for the day so you can let the session “settle in”.  Some people find it useful to write down the memories and insights that were gained.  Take time to think and meditate on the guidance that you received and ask yourself if there are any “next steps” that you need to take.  Pay attention to your dreams several days after the session because more information is sometimes revealed at night.   

If there were any patterns or blocks that are holding you back from fulfilling your life’s purpose, consider doing more work with me to clear those unconscious limiting beliefs, cellular memories and unfinished business.   The more the 95% of the unconscious “trunk of junk” is resolved the easier it is to create and live the soul guided life you want.  I have many methods to help you get unstuck and move forward including hypnotherapy, energy psychology (EFT, WHEE, EMDR, HMR), voice dialogue, dream work, my Soul Visioning™ process.

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