A variety of modalities are used and customized to your needs:

Energy Psychology

These are revolutionary methods for rapidly clearing unconscious limiting beliefs, cellular memories, repeating patterns, sabotaging beliefs, and more.

What used to take years of therapy to resolve now only takes minutes in some cases and a few sessions for others. You will find a discussion of some of these methods in my book
“Soul Visioning™, Clear the Past, Create Your Future” Some are listed below:

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

A technique that has been referred to as "acupuncture for the emotions" but without the needles. The client taps on their body's meridian points while repeating certain affirming statements, which can rapidly resolve unproductive emotions, beliefs, behaviors and blockages in the energy field. This is a very useful tool that can be learned and used any time it is needed.

HMR® Holographic Memory Resolution

This is a body-mind therapy that allows quick access to past memories and complete resolution of the painful emotions or physical discomfort associated with these memories. This non-traumatizing approach can resolve frozen feelings trapped in the unconscious and physical body. After completing the process, the individual will experience the resolved memory without triggering the original painful feelings. This opens a natural path toward forgiveness while integrating and learning the spiritual lessons inherent in trauma.

Eye Movement Desentization Reprocessing

A process that resolves anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress symptoms, and other issues through the use of bilateral eye movements while recalling memories that need to be resolved or reprocessed.

WHEE® (Whole Health Effortlessly and Easily)

WHEE® (Whole Health Effortlessly and Easily) is a hybrid of EMDR and EFT to relieve stress, pain, and sabotaging beliefs, emotions and behaviors.  It is a user friendly tool easily learned and can be used between sessions.

Additional Modalities:


Susan Wisehart's Soul Visioning

A powerful guided journey with higher soul wisdom to envision and create your ideal future in your work, relationships, health, finances and spirituality. The process combines the best of hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology and soul work to removes the blocks and limiting beliefs that sabotage your soul/life purpose.

Internal Family Systems / Voice Dialogue
/ Psychothynthesis

Helps you to identify with your True Self and to dis-identify with the defensive parts. This positive and gentle approach empowers your "inner healer" and "inner teacher."

Inner Child Work

A nurturing and compassionate approach to retrieving any "child parts" stuck in the past. You learn how to re-parent your inner child and to re-script old childhood messages and memories.

Dream Interpretation

Susan teaches a 5-step method of dream interpretation, dream incubation for problem solving and creativity, and a more advanced state of lucid dreaming, with further explorations available.


May be used for stress management, preparation for surgery, weight loss, smoking cessation, self-esteem enhancement, re-scripting life scripts, and self-hypnosis.

Psycho-spiritual Integration

Assists you to develop inner listening skills to hear your inner spiritual teacher. Recognizing your spiritual nature and discovering your soul's purpose.

In her Holistic Psychotherapy work, Susan collaborates with a network of holistic psychiatrists, homeopathic practitioners, Naturopathic and Ayurvedic Doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, Naprapaths, massage therapists, and energy workers to provide an integrated approach to healing.


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