How Past Life Regression Can Help You:

Our true nature is Love. But we have forgotten who we really are. There are many paths to awakening our True Self. One tool for releasing the blockages to remembering our spiritual identity is Past Life Regression Therapy. This is a dynamic, highly personal process guided by the Higher Self of the individual and the therapist. Past life journeys are powerful experiences that can deepen your understanding of your life purpose and soul lessons.

In current and past lives, we create scripts and dramas that repeat over and over again. Past Life Regression may help to release phobias, emotional conflicts, relationship problems, and physical ailments that limit your growth and well-being. Memories that emerge can be seen as metaphors for unconscious beliefs and feelings that manifest in your current life. Insights from your soul guide the forgiveness and healing of these mental, emotional, and physical patterns is possible.

The Past Life Process:
I will intuitively and gently guide you through hypnosis to a state of deep relaxation. The pace, form and depth of the experience varies from person to person. Most people can release limiting emotional patterns without the intensity of the original experience. Through gentle questioning you are helped to remember significant events, beliefs, feelings, and relationship patterns from the past that influence your current life situation.

The process also includes a past life review by your soul. Your Higher Self may guide you into a deep understanding of the lessons of that experience and how to complete any lessons that were unfinished. You may choose to do further work with the insights and information that you gained during the regression. For example, this may include energy work, voice dialogue, art expression, dream interpretation, and journaling.
Age Regression:
Age regression can allow you to review and re-script memories from the past in your current life with understanding from a "Higher Self" perspective.

Read about fascinating case studies and long term interviews of the benefit of PLR in my book "Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future."

Fee for 2 hour

Past Life Regression session - $210
You can pay the deposit to hold the appointment time by credit card on this website or contact me by phone. 847.438.7878
NOTE: Deposit is forfeited for sessions not cancelled
7 days in advance of scheduled appointment.


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