While I can’t guarantee any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using my services for any particular issue, my clients report having positive experiences.  Here is what some individuals have to say:

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Soul Visioning    Used with permission

"I am an LCSW in my professional life, and a spiritually curious person in all of life.  Over this past week I have continued to feel happy in being rooted to my own spiritually rich experience as we remembered it during the Soul Visioning exercise.  It is a particularly potent tool for anchoring folks to the best hope and part of themselves. I am glad to have been introduced to it.  The implications for encouraging collaboration with an individual's soul and then also the collective is obvious - and very exciting."  
                                                          ~ Analeise Parchen, LCSW

After a few days to integrate the information I received from our Soul Visioning session I'm all the more grateful for your work and your being. I've worked with many healers and intuitives over the years and in my experience there is nothing like the work you are doing. I came out of that one session with crystal clarity of my life purpose and where that purpose was taking me. The imagery I received was brilliantly revealing, reassuring, and immediately helpful. No way can I find words to adequately convey the experience or my appreciation. I'm looking forward to your book.

Infinite love and peace..
Bob Sandidge, Consultant, Trainer, Media Producer

First of all, let me say that Len, Evan, and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the Soul Visioning workshop on Sunday. We do hope that you will let us carry your book/CD in our store!!


Thank you again for an eye-opening, horizon broadening experience - it was wonderful!

 Laurie at Hol- Essence (Crystal Lake)

I wanted to let you know what a powerful impact the Soul Visioning workshop had on our lives. Having you and David co-present really helped; one because my husband and I learn in two different ways and secondly, I find the balance between concepts and experiences to be most effective. Within 48 hours, both of us had major breakthroughs in areas that had been stuck for years! The work you are doing is amazing and inspired.

M.C., Social Worker

"Thank you so much for joining us for the Abundance Within conference. Attendees really appreciated your in-depth information and powerful techniques. It was one of our best-evaluated programs to date. It is great presenters like you that make a program so memorable for our audiences. I appreciate the time and dedication it takes to do the work that you do."

Thank you again, and may God bless you both and your work.

Manager of  Conferences
Association for Research and Enlightenment,  Virginia Beach, VA

"Thank you for appearing at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore to discuss and sign your book Soul Visioning.  I received rave reviews regarding your presentation!"

Warm regards,
Bodhi Tree Events Coordinator (Los Angeles, California)

Thank you, Susan, for conducting a very successful Soul Visioning workshop for our 75th Anniversary Celebration of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) member congress.  This process fit so well with our theme of “Honoring Our Past and Creating Our Future”.  The feedback for the workshop was very positive. 

I have known Susan and worked with her for over 10 years.  When I lived in Chicago she was very helpful to me as I was working on old patterns that no longer were serving me.  The personal counseling sessions with her really put me on a clearer path.  And then last year, when she was visiting Virginia Beach, I finally did a past life regression.  I had avoided this because I didn’t think I could do it.  But through her warm, supportive guidance, I was able to see a past life dynamic that has been very puzzling in this lifetime.  The insights from that experience helped me to not only understand the dynamic, but I’ve been able to change my feelings.  As a result, I am able to relate in a healthier way with the individuals involved.

I am blessed to have Susan in my life in this incarnation!  Looking forward to your new book.

Toni Romano | Outreach Services, Manager
Association for Research and Enlightenment | Virginia Beach VA

Past Life Regression

"If you want past life regression, I highly recommend Susan Wisehart. Her name says it all and she is a beautiful soul with a lot of expertise in regression"

Therese Rowley, Ph.D., Intuitive, Chicago Tribune and Huffington Post Blog, The Conscious Business Network

A respected and talented member of the Chicago spiritual community, Susan Wisehart is a great lady.  She has the wisdom and compassion to guide people through their personal life challenges with a sincerity that is rare.  Her appearances for Chicago IANDS are always well-attended and well-received, and I often recommend her to those who are looking for past-life work.    

Diane Willis, President, Chicago-International Association for Near Death Studies

Susan Wisehart is the Past Life Regression expert I recommend. Truly fine!  You couldn't do any better. 

Nancy Ging, LCSW, Social Worker

I was curious about past life regression for many years, but had shied away from it.  Truth is, I didn’t trust most therapists, let alone a hypnotherapist.  So when I heard about Susan Wisehart, I was apprehensive.  I must say it was a very pleasant surprise. 

Susan used a guided meditation that allowed me to stay in full control.  She provided a safe and comfortable atmosphere that honored my process of self-discovery.  It was very relaxing and affirming as images and guides could enter gently with a conversational style.  Much like greeting old friends and forgotten advisors, her approach let me embrace my spiritual nature without judgment or bias. 

I was able to see patterns and habits that were rooted in beliefs and assumptions from time long past.  I started to drop old attitudes that no longer served me and move on to a better place.  Easily the best inner work I’d been able to do in quite some time.

There is such a difference when you work with a practitioner who is actively pursuing her own journey; not someone who lectures others without being on the path themselves.  Susan knows how to witness your process without interfering with it.  She has the ability to support your journey as you remember who you are as a Spirit. 

PH, Computer Analyst

Regression work with Susan brought my years of visioning to greater clarity and personal significance.  Wonderfully helpful.  A model for therapists. 

Gill Schwartz, M.A., B. Div.
Visionary, Mystic, Healer

"When we opened our shop two years ago, and we were considering hosting guest speakers, and Susan Wisehart was introduced to us.

From the first time we met there was a genuine respect and admiration for the work she was doing.

I have observed her work with groups many times in our shop. Susan takes the time, and has the expertise to guide you with care and love, through your many lives.

I personally have experienced past life work with Susan. I feel Susan Wisehart excels in her field and is the person to see for Past Life Work."

Sue Briesch
All About Angels Store
Lake Zurich Illinois

Life Between Lives Regression

Read the 1 to 10 year follow-up interviews and case studies that Susan did with former clients of long term benefits of past life and life between lives regression work in her book Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future (Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing)

The LBL session has been so helpful to me!  An issue I had was a negative, repeating pattern between myself and my mother....and this situation has completed shifted.  I feel that I went so deep during our session that I was able to take the message in.... clearly.  I don't know how else to describe it, except to clarify that I was able to take all the messages in without interference of beliefs, rules and defenses that are all to present in my daily life.  In fact, shortly after our session my Mother sent me a birthday card telling me how much she loved me and how proud she is of all my accomplishments!!!  This act was unbelievable!!!!!  I know it's sad to hear that about my relationship with my mother, but it's also so positive that we were able to shift it.  Hopefully I will release this particular pattern in this lifetime so as to not repeat it.  I've been actively applying what I learned in from my LBL and overall many transformations have occurred - of different degrees of course, but I feel that's natural.   Thank you so much for facilitating this process for me.
Kindest Regards
Name Withheld (permission granted to share experience)

"My Life Between Lives experience with Susan Wisehart reminded me that judgment exists only on the earthly plane.  This reminder allowed me to put aside the fear associated with judgment.  I have been able to fully embrace my life's purpose.  My psychic ability has returned.  I love and feel more deeply."

Dr. MM, Clinical Psychologist

What an amazing gift you bring to this world. The only word I have for now is "WOW!" All the other feelings do not have words in our language (for this LBL experience).

Your patience, love and guidance are truly gifts that you have been given. I'm so amazed and joyful when I experience people who have truly found their calling and use their gifts to help others! You are so blessed! Thanks for sharing and shining your light on me.

Toril (Michigan) - Mom and Artist

The past life/between life regression therapy with Susan has helped me to realize the essence of my work and to perceive myself in a new and guided existence.  It has also allowed a “knowing” of information that I possess to activate a greater understanding of myself, my role and responsibility.   The regression was followed by a [future life] progression which enlightened me about my purpose here which is to learn, teach and help.  My special thanks to Susan for her amazing assistance in this journey to knowledge and understanding. 

[It is interesting to note that Dr. H. in his future life progression, obtained information about future forms of healing which can be applied in his current practice - SW] 

Dr.J.H., MD, Wisconsin

Holistic Psychotherapy

I have referred patients to Susan over the past 5 years and have used Susan’s services myself.  A few years ago, I went to Susan more or less out of curiosity.  However, after speaking with me for roughly 15 minutes, she suggested I try something other than what I was curious about.  The results were amazing!  I didn’t even realize how much I needed what she gave me.  But, I can happily say that because of my work with her, I no longer deal with two issues I had been unaware I had been hiding from since my childhood.  These things had caused me to hold onto some disempowering beliefs and were affecting many different areas of my life. 

Susan and I both have one thing in common in our healing work with people.  We subscribe to the belief that the greatest master is not the one with the most followers, but the one who produces the most masters.  We both have the goal of ultimately helping people not just survive, but to thrive and continually grow without depending on us to show them the way.  We know that everyone is in the light, but that some stand with their backs to it and therefore see only shadows.  Our job in helping people is to be such a bright source of light that everyone eventually turns around and finds that the light was right there inside of them all along.  Susan is definitely one such source I can turn to at the times I start to lose sight of my own light and I confidently and enthusiastically recommend her services. 

Dr. KD, Chiropractor, author, lecturer

Susan is a wonderful therapist and guide to help you take the deepest of looks into what makes you tick.  She has helped me immensely to realize that I can truly heal myself of those obstacles that get in the way of true joy. 

Melissa Giovagnoli, Author of best selling books “Networlding” and “Angels in the Workplace”

"As a minister, I use Susan as a back up when I feel situations are beyond my expertise. Everyone I have ever referred to her have come back with rave reviews about the work she did with them. Susan has a great balance of mind and heart working in her. She is a great gift in my life, in our community and in our world. What a Blessing she is!"

Reverend Patty Pipia, Unity Northwest Church, Des Plaines

"I believe in taking care of the mind, body and spirit.  I refer many clients to Susan because she follows a holistic philosophy.  Susan has been very helpful to my client's in resolving many different emotional issues and empowering them to move on with their lives." 

Carole Childers, Licensed Nutritionist

I have known Susan Wisehart for almost 20 years.  In a field where people attend a week-end seminar to become “certified” as a “shaman” or a “healer,” Susan has spent decades acquiring her knowledge and refining her gifts.  She personifies substance, truth, professionalism, intelligence and sanity. 

Susan is a highly respected Psychologist with years of experience.  Her very well suited last name aptly summarizes her best.  She is a most unique individual whose very wise heart is most apparent to all who know her.

What I most particularly appreciate, having been in this field myself for so many years, is her very rare genuine knowledge and gifts ensouled in an individual with such fine character firmly grounded in reality.  She embodies integrity, reliability and responsibility in a world where people change attitudes, relationships and jobs on a whim.  She is completely sincere in all her undertakings and inspires the trust and respect of all who know her.

Pamela H. Parsons, M.S.
Counselor,  Editor “Aromaticthymes”

Susan Wisehart's background as a School Psychologist and her insights about children and their issues have helped me as a school administrator.  We have had many discussions about how schools can work more effectively with children, especially those children who may have extra perception, sensitivities, or spiritual gifts.  I would feel comfortable referring students to Susan directly because of her success in counseling these kinds of children.

Helen G. Moore, School Principal and Consultant

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